Foster Townsend Graham & Associates Enjoys a New Home, Thanks to the Expertise of Bonnie Pierotti Design Inc.

New FTGA Boardroom

After 36 years of providing London with exceptional legal dispute resolution, in the fall of 2011, Foster, Townsend Graham & Associates found a new home in London’s downtown core at 150 Dufferin Ave. With a rapid increase in size and technological innovation, the firm was in the market for a huge expansion. They enlisted the help of Bonnie Pierotti, a local interior designer to create the firm’s new atmosphere. Having doubled in size over the past 6 years FTGA needed more than a facelift; they needed a new headquarters.

Bonnie’s expertise was enlisted for everything from spatial design, office furniture, artwork, right down to the finest details of floor coverings and colour swatches. Making the move from the quaint heritage streetscape of London’s Old North to a modern high rise situated directly in the heart of Richmond Row was a dramatic change. The new spaces are swathed in light with windows that enclose the perimeter of both their ninth and tenth floor offices. Their single boardroom facility was replaced by multiple meeting rooms and signing spaces, as well as modern and spacious kitchen, lobby and reception areas.

Pierotti coordinated the artistic “coming together” with her innovative and professional team. She brings to the table decades of experience in real estate and commercial design. The designers worked closely with FTGA partner Evelyn Ten Cate to meet the needs of this constantly evolving and expanding law firm. Pierotti states that, “It is a unique experience working with partners as the office spaces tend to reflect their personalities.”

She worked with the existing 12 year old floor plan, using the footprint wherever possible. Technology and modern influences can be seen in the newly designed offices as angles replaced curves and large spaces were allocated for the servers and computer equipment. FTGA proudly adopted paperless practices in recent years, moving instead to a fully computerized operation, reducing environmental impact and increasing productivity. The new location boasts open spaces, a practical layout and a plethora of light with a modern flare; a job well done by Bonnie Pierotti Design Inc.!